Holland Mechanics is proud to be a worldwide leading specialist in wheelbuilding solutions. We closely work with our customers to help differentiate their business through first-class, high-tech machine solutions.
Our list of corporate clients includes factories in:
• Europe
• Australia and New Zealand
• North and South America
• China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and many other Asian countries

Holland Mechanics was founded in 1971. The Dutch bicycle factories were facing labour-intensive and quality-sensitive processes of bicycle production.  They recognised that they could no longer survive without mechanisation and automation. The founders of Holland Mechanics built their first mechanical wheel lacing machine. This was the birth of Holland Mechanics wheel assembly systems.


Head Office
Holland Mechanics BV

Flevostraat 54
1442 PZ Purmerend
The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)299 456200
Fax: +31(0)299 430674


Holland Mechanics China
contact: Mr. Frank Zhang

59, Kaifa Lu
Economical Development Zone
Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 225009 China

Tel: +86 87 85 45 98
Mobile: +86 13 80 52 79 92 9


Holland Mechanics India
contact: Mr. Puneet Madhav


Tel: +91 96 46 17 16 00


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