The Inline Lacer is Holland Mechanics’ flagship of the lacers. This lacer changes fully automatic to different wheels and has the ability to move the screw head in different angles for optimal spoke - nipple contact. This is essential for high-end and e-bike wheels, which have angle drilled spoke holes or great distance between the inner and outer spoke hole. This machine is not only good for lacing, but puts equal tension over all spokes through an "X" amount of revolutions when the nipple gets screwed on, this saves a significant amount of time in a Robot when two machines are combined. Another useful option that comes with the Inline Lacer is the shuttle standard which is capable of inserting up to 8 different nipple colors.

  • Most advanced lacer for new wheel designs and components
  • Inline nipple contact for tight lacing and large spoke angles
  • Quick and easy change over
  • Flexible Wheel building®: one machine for lacing and tightening
  • Labour saving technology
  • Floor space saving concept
  • Suitable for light motorcycle wheels
  • Suitable for power assisted wheels
  • Controlled wheel quality
  • air pressure: min. 5 bar
  • air consumption: 90 l/min
  • electrical connection: 230 V
  • power consumption: 1.2 kW
  • sound level: < 70 dB
  • communication: RS-232-optical/FloorView®
  • wheel dimensions: 12,5"-28
  • capacity: 35-55 wheels/hour fixed, 35-45/hours inline, depending on components
  • safety mark: CE
  • dimensions (l × w × h): 2150 × 1050 × 1300 mm
  • weight: 400 kg
  • Tilt and turn lacing for optimum nipple contact
  • Suitable for radial and axial drilled/punched nipple holes
  • Automatic in line correction for each spoke group
  • Suitable for hexagon, torx and inverted nipples
  • Database for 488 wheel-types
  • Automatic diameter correction of rim
  • Spoke length calculation
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Fit for paired spoke wheels
  • Automatic pitch correction of nipple holes
  • Fit for double wall and Deep-V rims
  • Wheel sizes from 12” to 29”
  • Ergonomic design
  • Automatic o­ff set correction of nipple holes
  • Radial lacing
  • Blind lacing
  • Communication with FloorView®
  • Nipple washer feature
  • Moveable hub stud
  • Lacing of wheelchair wheels
  • Multi-languages
  • Multi voltages
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Adjustable work surface: sitting/standing