Movable Screw Head

A screw head, which can move in different angles, this is a standard function which comes with the Inline Lacer. The movable head ensures that angle drilled spoke holes can be laced efficiently. This function is extremely useful for high-end carbon rims and Fatbike Rims.

Movable Lamp Option

The movable lamp option was designed to analyze spoke holes. The lamp folds over from the side and scans where the spoke holes are. With low rims a fixed camera is enough, but when you plan to lace high and wide rims spoke holes are located on different positions. The movable Lamp makes sure that the machine adjusts perfectly to the wheel and the lacing process will befall smoothly.

Moveable lamp

High-Low Option

Ergonomic working is becoming more important and popular these days. Therefor Holland Mechanics provides a High-Low option. This ensures that operators are able to adjust the lacing machine to different heights. Switching from a seated position to a standing position is not only good for the operator's back, but avoids many symptoms.

Nipple Washer Option

The Nipple washer option is designed to provide a nipple with a Qlet. The Qlet is a round bowl shaped ring, which ensures that the nipple's position is directed towards the hub where the spoke ends. Wheel quality increases and stabilizing increases effectively

Tilt Option

The tilt option is designed for wheel with paired spoke technology. When two spokes are attached at the same spot at the rim they have to be screwed towards both sides of the hub. The Tilt option on the lacer makes this possible.

In-Line arm

The InLine Lacing machine is standard equipped with an arm that is capable of moving on a X & Y axis. This feature enables the machine to handle any type of wheel design. Besides, screwing up the nipple on the spoke in the exact angle in-line with the hub ensures there is optimal contact with the screwdriver.


The Qlube application feature atomizes a bit of lubricant on the nipple before application, this allows the nipples to be twisted more smoothly. In a later stage the Qlube enhances the dewinding process in the robot.