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Inline Lacer

Inline Lacing Machine



The Inline Lacer is Holland Mechanics’ showpiece of the lacers. This lacer changes fully automatic to different wheels and has the ability to move the screw head in different angles for optimal spoke angles. This option is essential for high-end wheels, which have angle drilled spoke holes. The Inline Lacer is not only good for lacing, but tightens the wheel at the same time to reduce time during the trueing process. Another useful option that comes with the Inline Lacer is the shuttle standard which is capable of inserting up to 8 different nipple colors.

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• most advanced lacer for new wheel designs and components

• inline nipple contact for tight lacing and large spoke angles

• quick and easy change over

• Flexible Wheelbuilding®: one machine for lacing and tightening

• labour saving technology

• floor space saving concept

• suitable for light motorcycle wheels • suitable for power assisted wheels • controlled wheel quality


• air pressure: min. 5 bar

• air consumption: 90 l/min

• electrical connection: 230 V

• power consumption: 1.2 kW

• sound level: < 70 dB

• communication: RS-232-optical/FloorView®

• wheel dimensions: 12,5"-28

• capacity: 35-55 wheels/hour fixed, 35-45/hours inline, depending on components

• safety mark: CE

• dimensions (l × w × h): 2150 × 1050 × 1300 mm • weight: 400 kg


In-Line arm

The InLine Lacing machine is standard equipped with an arm that is capable of moving on a X & Y axis. This feature enables the machine to handle any type of wheel design. Besides, screwing up the nipple on the spoke in the exact angle in-line with the hub ensures there is optimal contact with the screwdriver.

Moveable lamp

The movable lamp option was designed to analyse spoke holes on high and wide rims. For standard rims a fixed camera is enough, but when you want to lace high and wide rims spoke holes are located on different positions. The movable Lamp makes sure that the machine adjusts perfectly to the wheel and the lacing process will befall smoothly.

Nipple Washer

The Nipple washer option is designed to provide a nipple with a Washer. The washer is a round bowl shaped ring, which ensures that the nipple's position is directed towards the hub where the spoke ends. Wheel quality increases, and stabilising has more effect.


The Qlube application feature atomizes a bit of lubricant on the nipple before application, this allows the nipples to be twisted more smoothly. In a later stage the Qlube enhances the dewinding process in the robot.

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