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Robot Quattro

Robot Quattro - Wheel Tightening 



Tightening before trueing is one of the latest innovations of Holland Mechanics. This is done by a Robot Quattro. The Quattro has 4 nipple hands and is placed in front of a Quattro-ready robot. The Quattro tightens the wheel evenly over all spokes, this way the wheel remains with some minor trueing requirements when rolling through a robot. With a Quattro included in the line the output increases and can be calculated precisely. This gives manufacturers the ability to cut costs in inventory.

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• predictable continuous flow

• pre-tightening by 4 nipple hands

• supports loose laced wheels; improved output,easier handling

• no expensive flanges needed

• tensioning of all spokes guaranteed

• flexible mass production system

• automatic torque settings for front and rear wheels


• black spoke protection plates

• small nipple hands

• one hand truieng for special wheels

• axle centring and control unit ACCU

• different voltages

• multi-languages

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